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  • Rock-bottom price only from 3%
  • Only $50/account
  • NO VAT
  • 24/7 online support
  • Provide reputation advertising materials (BM, Personal profile)

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  • Wisely access to customer base in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand,...
  • Allows advertising on both Bing, Yahoo and network sites.
  • Low ad competition, higher click-through rate and lower CPC than Google.
  • Reach old demographics easily, wisely target by short keywords.
  • Optimizing ROI and increasing brand awareness on online platforms.
  • Allows to set ad campaigns in different time zones.

The Bing Ads Platform's Potential

Advantages of Bing Ads

  • As Microsoft's core search engine, Bing has 63 million exclusive users that you can't reach through Google.
  • There are 133 million users with more than 5 billion searches on Bing each month. In which, mainly users in Europe and America because of the common usage habits
  • Compared to Google, in some industries, Bing has a clearer advantage in terms of traffic, CPC, conversion rate, etc. And get new traffic at a lower cost.

Choose Bing ads and own an Invoice Bing ad account to fully reach the target market that many competitors and businesses miss!

  • Are you looking for an effective complement to your Digital Marketing strategy?
  • Do you want to reach well to a customer base in Europe and America?
  • Are you having a headache because the source of your Bing ad account is unstable?

Advantages Of Invoice Bing Account

  • The Invoice account is the most premium ad account type offered by Bing to agency partners. Compared to normal accounts, Invoice ad account is strong, high stability and considered as a "gold mine" for mining.


Unlimited daily budget spending, unlimited campaign quantities


Approval priority

The top-tier ad account are prioritized for campaigns approval


Express processing

A technical team are always available, support to troubleshoot immediately


Bing Invoice Price List In 2022



  • Minimum spending required $2000/month
  • If you don't meet that minimum budget then we surcharge 5% of the missing budget.
  • Opening account fee: $50/ 1 account, get 01 free opening
  • Account guarantee fee: $100 /1 account
  • Minimum top up: $500 /1 time /1 account
  • Unlimited number of opening accounts 
  • Opening account fee: $50/ 01 acc, get 01 free opening
  • Guarantee account fee: $100/ 01 acc
  • Min budget topup: $1000/ 01 time/ 01 acc
  • Min spending: $2000$ /01 account /01 month
  • Unlimited opening account numbers


5% fee

$2.000 - $50.000/month


3% fee

Over $100.000/month


4% fee

$50.000 - $100.000/month

Bing Invoice Price List In 2022


Phí thuê

Sản phẩm

Phí mở TK

Nạp tối thiểu

Phí cọc

Thời gian nạp tiền


Số page đăng ký

Chỉ từ 0,5%

Cân các mặt hàng: VPCS nhẹ, TM, hàng sạch

$50/ 1TK, miễn phí mở mới 1 lần khi bị VHH

$100/ 1TK

Nạp ngay lập tức, 24/24 và 24/7

$1000/1TK/1 domain; 500$/1TK nếu mở 2 TK cùng domain

3 page với TK thường; 1 page với TK VIP nhưng được thay đổi

TUYỆT ĐỐI không om tiền nạp, refund đúng hạn sau 15 ngày

Trên 3% vì qua trung gian

Chỉ nhận chạy hàng sạch

$500/ 1TK

$100 - $200/ 1TK, mở mới mất phí

2-4 tiếng, không nạp được cuối tuần

$1000/1TK bất kỳ

1-2 page, không được thay page sau khi có TKQC

Giữ tiền lâu, quanh co khi xử lý refund


Tại nơi khác


Phí thuê

Sản phẩm

Phí mở TK

Nạp tối thiểu

Phí cọc

Thời gian nạp tiền


Số page đăng ký

Bing Ads Invoice Renting Process

  • Step 1: Website approve pending

Customers offer Website and email to receive Bing ads account

  • Step 2: Making a deposit

Customers top up all the corresponding rental fees after we receives the Invoice account

  • Step 3: Content Approval

We will support customers to edit the contents on the web to ensure the contents comply with the advertising policies.

  • Step 4: Granting account

We confirms and shares Bing ads account on email for customers


  • HN MEDIADS grants Bing ads Invoice account for products: Clean products, POD, Dropship, houseware. Industries that are encouraged to run Bing ads:
  • Electronic products
  • Clothing, fashion
  • Home and gardening
  • Outdoor sports
  • Beauty care
  • Shoe and hat bag
  • Babe & Mom products
  • Others

Which products/ categories are recommended to run ads on Bing?

  • Despite its smaller market share than Google, Bing ads are proven to provide a solid return on investment – often cheaper and with better click rates than Google.
  • You should consider Bing ads to your main marketing channels to make sure you don't miss any opportunities to reach potential customers.

Are Bing ads effective? Is it better than Google ads?

  • If Invoice Bing account is locked without caused the customer, HN MEDIADS will support you to open a new account and transfer the remaining budget to the new one at no extra cost to you.

What if Bing Invoice account is suspended?

  • Yes, when you need to terminate the contract, HN MEDIADS will refund the balance in your account within 15 working days.

Could I stop renting Invoice while it's still available budget? 

I am Hoang Nam, Founder & CEO of HN MEDIADS. With more than 07 years of experience in the account renting field, we are proud to have been providing an effective and smooth advertising solution for thousands of small and large customers.

We understand our mission is to help businesses optimize their company profits by providing quality and expert advertising accounts.

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