Can run Ad for which websites and pages?
What type of account is this?
Why deposit $500
How is the $200 account opening fee calculated
This is the amount to ensure that in the process of running, customers comply with HN media's regulations as well as facebook's policies. This amount will be refunded immediately after the end of the contract. In case the customer intentionally violates, it will disable TKQC. HN media will support the resistance, if not, the deposit will be deducted
This is a mandatory fee when opening a new Account. This fee will not be refunded after the end of the contract.
Only approved and registered domains, web, landing pages, pages can run ads. In the future, you can register for new websites and pages.
This is Invoice provided by facebook to the agency, this account type does not use tags.
In case the account dies not due to policy violation, how to handle it?
What is the USD exchange rate ?
In case the account dies not due to a policy violation, not due to the fault of the customer, HN media will first proceed to appeal against the account if not, will issue a new account Transfer the entire amount in the old account to the new account. Customers will not cost anything
Will fluctuate around 25.000 vnđ or + 2%
$500 deposit for 1 account or for 5 accounts?
For each account opening, the deposit will be 500$, customers who open 1 account or 3 accounts or 5 accounts will deposit 500$.

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