Ad account types




Price list

  • Rock-bottom fees from 6%
  • ZERO % VAT
  • Campaign security

Rental Facebook


See more: Facebook advertising policies
  • Only $50/ 1 account
  • Unlimited spending
  • 24/7 support
  • Last chance to open ad account at 6% fee on November 2022 only

VIP Account: Campuchia, Bangladesh, Vietnam , Singapore , Hongkong , Us


  • Account type: UNLIMIT
  • Allow to change domain, Fanpage information
  • Min spending: $2000$ /01 account /01 month
  • Setup account fee: $50/1 account
  • Deposit account fee: $200/1 domain
  • Minimum topup: $5000/time

For POD, Dropship, Housewear, Fashion Products Only

: 6%
: 7%
: 8%
Over $50.000 /mth
$20.000 - $50.000 /mth
$5.000 - $20.000 /mth

For Spa, Aesthetic, Cosmetics, Functional Food products only

: 8%
: 9%
: 10%
Over $50.000 /mth
$20.000 - $50.000 /mth
$5.000 - $20.000 /mth

Hong Kong Account

    For POD, Dropship, Housewear, Fashion Products Only




  • Minimum spending required $2000/mth
  • If you don't meet that minimum budget then we surcharge 5% of the missing budget.
  • Opening account fee: $50/ 1 account, get 01 free opening
  • Account guarantee fee: $100 /1 account
  • Minimum top up: $500 /1 time /1 account
  • Unlimited number of opening accounts 
  • Last chance to open ad account at 5% fee on November 2022 only


For POD, Dropship, Fashion, Housewear products only

5% Fee


$10.000 - $20.000/ mth

4% Fee


$20.000 - $50.000/ mth

3,5% Fee


$50.000 - $100.000/ mth

3% Fee


$100.000 - $250.000/ mth

2,5% Fee


$250.000 - $500.000/ mth



Over $500.000/ mth
  • Setup account fee: $50 /1 account
  • Deposit account fee: $100 /1 domain
  • Min spending: $5000$ /01 account /01 month
  • Min 2 accounts, Max 6 accounts (each domain opens Max 3 accounts)
  • 1 account can register 3 pages, 1 domain
  • Minimum topup:
  • $1000 /1 account /1domain
  • $500/ 1 account if you open 2 accounts in the same domain
    >> Hong Kong <<

Hong Kong Account

  • Setup account fee: $50 /1 account
  • Deposit account fee: $100 /1 domain
  • Min spending: $2000$ /01 account /01 month
  • Minimum topup:
  • $1000 /1 account /1domain
  • $500/ 1 account if you open 2 accounts in the same domain
    For Spa, Aesthetic, Cosmetics, Functional Food Products Only


Pack 1

4% Fee
$2.000 - $20.000 /mth

Pack 3

6% Fee
Over $50.000 /mth

Pack 2

5% Fee
$20.000 - $50.000 /mth
  • The account can run all types of TM such as: Team jerseys, Shirts, player images, Actors, Movies, Fashion brands
  • Except for very big brands like Nike, Adidas, LV, Gucci, Chanel, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Harley-Davidson, Disney, Marvel,...
Note for TM products:

Invoice Account Advantages

    Having an INVOICE ACCOUNT is like having a GOLD MINE in your hand, you are carefree to creating hundreds of campaigns without worrying about abnormalities


Unlimited daily budget spending, unlimited campaign quantities

Approval priority

The top-tier ad account are prioritized for campaigns approval

Express processing

A technical team are always available, support to troubleshoot immediately

HN Mediads Process

  • Step 1: To await for domain approval
Customer provides Fanpage link + Website link.
  • Step 2: Making a deposit
After We accepts to issue Facebook ads Invoice account for that domain. Customer makes a deposit, including: Account fee, Guarantee fee, Budget and Rental fees
  • Step 3: Content Approval
We instructs customers to edit content on domain & Fanpage to ensure content complies with each platform's policy
  • Step 4: Granting account
We confirms and issues account to customer. The customer prepares a white BM 350 (aged BM or business verification is the best) to take over the account and create campaigns.


HN Mediads agrees to issue an Invoice account for products: POD, Dropship, cosmetics, spas, beauty salons, and some functional food items (not supporting pathological products).
  • 02. Which products are leased to an Invoice account?
Invoice is a premium ad account type specifically issued to agencies by platform, which does not use a credit card.
  • 01. What is a Invoice account?
- $100 is a deposit to make sure you don't run violating campaigns. This amount of money shall be refunded after contract termination.
- Account setup fee is a fixed cost for each new ad account created. In case the account is locked without the customer's faults, HN Mediads will support you to set up a new account and you shall not have to pay any extra fees.
  • 03. Why does the product have to deposit $100?
No. If the account is locked without the customer's mistakes. HN Mediads will assist in creating a new ad account and transferring the remaining balance to a new account at no additional cost.
    04. Shall I lose my balance when my account is locked?
Yes! When you need to complete the contract, we shall refund the balance within 30 working days.
  • 05. Could I complete the contract while the balance remains?

I am Hoang Nam, Founder & CEO of HN Mediads. With more than 07 years of experience in the account renting field, we are proud to have been providing an effective and smooth advertising solution for thousands of small and large customers.

We understand our mission is to help businesses optimize their company profits by providing quality and expert advertising accounts.

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HN Mediads is proud to be an agency providing Invoice account for rent with REPUTATION, LOW COST, FAST AND FURIOUS


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  • Headquarter: Yen Nghia - Ha Dong - Ha Noi
  • Branch: House 30E0, Street 318, group 19, Phum 3, Sangkat Tuol Svayprey I, Khan Beuong Kang Kong, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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